Do it yourself FAQ

Before you get a price on concrete, here is a guide to help you determine what kind of mix is best for your project.

What kind of mix do I need?

There are 2 basic mixes: 3/4″ rock or gravel which is usually dumped out of the back of the truck and 3/8″ rock, commonly called pea gravel, which is usually pumped.

What strength do I need for my project?

You will have to determine the strength of the concrete that you need. The minimum strength we deliver is 2000 psi, which is typical for non-load bearing items as patios, walkways, footings and wall grout. A typical driveway could be 2500 psi for passenger cars or 3000 psi for SUV’s, trucks or motor homes. However living in NJ most municipalities requires 4000-500o psi mixes generally used on bridge and highway projects. I guess the more the better; the only problem is you pay for something you really don’t need. The only logic I can see for increasing the cement content is when a standard truck gets to the job contractors and homeowners alike ask the driver to add water to the mix. Inevitably compromising the compressive strength, sometimes as much as 500 psi each time water is added to the mix. Our volumetric trucks mix on site and don’t introduce the initial water until the mixing process thus not requiring additional water throughout the pour. As a result no compressive strength is lost. Concrete used in any part of a house should conform to the UBC. Local laws and ordinances should be obeyed. Find out if your city has any conditions (i.e. sulfates in soil) that may affect the life of your concrete.

How many yards do I need?

Take your measurements and then click “Tools” for our volume calculator. Some concrete will remain in the truck and/or pump so don’t forget to add a little extra to make sure you have enough!

Concrete Calculator

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How do I decide if I need a pump or not?

You have 3 choices for getting the concrete from the ready-mix truck to your project:

  1. Place it using the truck’s chutes, which extend about 12′ from the back of the truck (you will need about 14′ clearance and about 12′ width for the truck);
  2. Pump it using a pea gravel pump (we can arrange at separate cost)
  3. Wheelbarrow – If there is no room for a ready-mix truck to get within 12′ of your project, you will need to pump it or wheelbarrow it. If you decide to wheelbarrow, keep in mind that one yard of concrete weighs about 4,000 pounds and that you will probably incur some standing time. If our truck crosses your property line, you will have to sign a waiver which means that we are not liable if the weight of the truck cracks your driveway or sidewalk.

What can I do to prevent cracking?

Concrete shrinks during the hydration process and has a tendency to crack, especially pea gravel mixes due to their high water content. This is called shrinkage cracking. The least expensive product for reducing plastic shrinkage cracking is stealth fibers. Millions of tiny fibers are added at the time of batching. These fibers reduce plastic shrinkage cracking and improve durability, among other things. Go to for more information.

Do you form and finish the concrete?

Yes, as well as being a ready-mix supplier with state of the art volumetric mixers, we have qualified masons who form and finish the concrete we supply. However, if you have your own installation crew, our trucks deliver the concrete and your workers do the rest.