A letter from the owner Mark Gallagher

Hello, my name is Mark Gallagher owner of Mark Gallagher Concrete Inc. We offer a full line of concrete mixes to provide a concrete solution for any concrete job. Whether it is for a residential home or a state highway, MGC will help find a way to decrease your total project cost while increasing the customer service experience.

As a niche concrete producer, MGC is often given the opportunity to complete jobs that others have turned down. Our “can-do attitude” is where we can help the customer make their mark with the owner. We are big enough to set up two separate Mobile Concrete facilities in different locations supplying all the concrete you need with thousands of gallons of hot water on demand and small enough to fix a couple of sidewalk squares for a residential application.

I started out in the concrete industry as a mason contractor and still have crews installing concrete and related products. We service industrial, commercial, governmental, and residential areas. As time went on, I got tired of waiting for the concrete truck to show up on the job, paying my men while we wait, sometimes for hours, then when the truck finally arrived I was given a small window to unload the concrete before paying overtime. So I decided to buy my own plant and first concrete truck. I remember how big a step it was but I was determined not to be beholden to anyone and work totally unhampered from dealing with large concrete companies and their politics. I remember the day saying to myself “Now I am the concrete company”.

As well as making regular concrete and flowable fill, we have provided rapid set concrete to different NYC agencies and throughout municipalities in NJ because the Ready-mix Concrete companies in these areas don’t have volumetric mixers as we do. Once this concrete is poured on the ground trucks can drive on this concrete in one hour. Great for bridge repair work. We mix concrete onsite with no waste. Any mix, any amount, any time, anywhere!

Service and quality are not expensive, they’re priceless.
Mark Gallagher